Kevin  Michaels Enigma Project&nbsp delivers a show comprised of high quality jazz, swing, blues, funk, r&b, rock, and  reggae styles that often morph from rock into jazz/latin and at times crosses jazz into jazz/rock,  r&b/funk/reggae styles. The band does its own arrangements to all types of original and cover songs of music which covers broad musical spectrums. Each song that is delivered is unique packed with power to extremely subtle details, with deep heavy groove and great time, while delivering wonderful feels! This band starts growing on you from the moment you hear it. Over time, you realize that you've been missing quality music for longer than you thought. For those not familiar with the band, the music and musicianship presented gives you a deeper understanding of what true music really is and stands for...GREAT ! 

We perform tributes to the following artists:

Robin Trower

Jimi Hendrix

Johnnie Guitar Watson

Tommy Bolin

Allman Brothers

James Brown

Rod Stewart

Neil Diamond

Patsy Cline

Bette Midler

Barbara Streisand

Bonnie Raitt

Melissa Etheridge

Etta James

 We also perform other forms of music, such as country/cajun/zydeco, Rhythm and Blues, Blues (traditional through modern), and progressive through old styles such as Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Paul Anka, Rosemary Clooney, Johnny Mercer,  Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, as well as other artists.

We also offer  our band, crafting it specifically to your themed event(s), like the band specific  attire for the occassion, such as, dress wear, shoes,  costumes, including performing on vintage to modern instruments, including customized staging and sound systems specific to your venue.  We also can write and arrange any song that you love, as well as writing new songs that are specific to  your event(s).  


Kevin Michaels writes and arranges all types of music.  He is a wonderful and powerful producer of all types of music, video, including artistic, musical, and stage events.  Along with Kevin’s  great  sense  of  errotic  humor,  he  has  great  ears,  he  tracks,  mixes, masters  songs  from  singles  to  albums,  edits  videos,  film,  and;  a  very good director for any type of  artistic  event  that  he  becomes  involved  in.  Kevin  also  teaches  his  drum craft,  and written  comprehensive  books  on  drumming  called  “Masters  of  Drumming: The  Complete  Guide  to  Professional  Drumming”  ©2004;  and,  another,  “Developing In  Your  Face  Dominance,  Fierceness  and  Subtlety  in  Drumming”  ©2005.    Both books were  published  by  Deep  Water  Publishing  Company.  Kevin  specializes  in  live and recorded  sound  reinforcement.  He  also  designs,  consults,  and  builds  music studios.  Kevin started his Official music career when Carl Wilson asked him to perform on the Beach Boys  "Holland"  Album.  He  also  received  Credits  on  the  recent  2013  Beach  Boy  album called “Made in California,” as well as their 1973 “In Concert” album, that he helped mix (uncredited) along with numerous other credits for  other  artists  throughout  his  extensive career.  Kevin also has a 2006 Audio/Visual credit on the Jack Nicholson/Leonardo  DiCaprio  filmed  called  “The  Departed.”

Kevin Michaels (dr.), George M. Webster (bass), Ronnie Good (guit/voc.), John Gulack (Keys), Mike Nelson (saxes), Roy Wiegand Sr. (trombone), Roy Wiegand Jr. (trumpets), Riki Hendrix (guitars/voc.).
The band started with Me (KM), Chris E. Gonzaque (guit/voc) and Jose Pedroza (bass) in July 2017. It was essentially a power trio. We played some shows around Southern California.  When we commenced the Mattie’s Blues Cafe Jam, starting September 7th, 2017, which was held every Thursday, the band comprised Chris, Jose and Myself.  We came to find out that on the first day (9/7), Jose could not play anything jazz related, and he got lost not knowing the jazz, afro-cuban, latin genres of music.  Due to this he got frustrated and embarrassed, so he quit the first night.  Each week thereafter we got other bass players, these included Bruce McGhee, Chad Michael, Maurilio A. Mina, Paul Gomez, Scott Johnson, Teddy Young, and a few others that escapes memory.

As part of the Mattie’s Blues Cafe band lineup, Kevin Ray Putzier (Keys/Vocs/Horns,) joined us mid October 2017 until closing.  Riki Hendrix on Guit/Vocs., became a regular player on the band too.  To note, we had other great talent on the band, Tobi Hero (guit).


 After Mattie’s Blues Cafe (Apple Valley, California) closed up its doors on December 8th 2017, we got a couple of others to join in on our Rock City live concert, which was performed via live video on March 7th 2018.

 The lineup has changed dramatically over time since Mattie’s Blues Cafe and Rock City events.  For the Adelanto Stadium’s Hot Summer Nights events, in August 2018, the band consisted of Alonzo Freeman (bass/voc.), Telvis Ward (keys), Ronnie B. Good (guit/voc.), Mike Nelson (saxes), Roy Wiegand Sr. (trombone), Roy Wiegand Jr. (trumpet), Kevin Michaels (drums).  
For the Woodystock Blues Festival, we substituted Alonzo Freeman and Telvis Ward, respectively for George M. Webster on bass, and John Gulack on keys, in addition to adding Riki Hendrix on guitar and vocals.  This lineup will continue for some time.