Kevin Michaels


"You sound like Neil Peart, Billy Cobham, and Vinnie Colaiuta all rolled into one!"(Kenny Kasman of the Kazmaniax)

"Your drum sound and style is like Nigel Olsson, the drummer for Elton John"

"You sound like the early Mitch Mitchell and Keith Moon"

"You drum like Ginger Baker"

"Your playing reminded me of Tony Williams"(Nick Future, Producer: Keith Washington)

"You play hard without your ego getting in the way, and very polished" (Johnny Mayer)

"You're going to be big!" (George Mason, Jazz Bassist)

"You have more chops than any other drummer i've played with!" (Will Ray-Hellecasters)

You must remember that what people say is only a partial truth about Kevin, and based only according to their own particular perceptions, personal proclivities, taste, and style, rather than on knowledge gained personally from a handful of exceptional instructors that Kevin personally chose to study under.  All of these experiences combined have really broadened and diversified his styles of music, knowledge, coordination, and technique.  More importantly, all of this has resulted in a new style of application and approach to music, which is now at the forefront of this 'New Music Business.'